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How do I set up Secure Connect on my Mac?

Video Tutorial

Step-by-step Instructions

1. Firstly, you’ll need to download the Forticlient app! (the download might start automatically)
*Fortigate is the company providing the hardware we use and Forticlient is the app needed to use their technology*
2. Once finished downloading, open the Forticlient dmg file from your downloads folder and allow it to open.
3. Open the ‘FortiClientUpdate’ package from the folder and follow the prompts to download Forticlient on your Mac. You will be asked to agree to a terms of service
4. Wait for the installation to finish. Then open Forticlient from you Applications folder and select ‘Remote Access’
5. In the remote access window, Select the settings icon
6. For Connection Name, choose what you want to name the connection (We recommend Secure Connect VPN)
Leave Description Blank
For Remote Gateway, enter ‘’ and customize the port number to 4433.
Enter in your username, then click add.
7. Now, you should see a screen asking for your username and password. Enter your VPN account information into the blank.
8. When informed about an invalid certificate, click continue.
9. You can now browse the internet safely!
If you see this pop up, you are connected to the VPN.