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Secure Connect Features

Learn about the features and services that are are provided by Secure Connect
True SSL Protection
While other VPN providers use pre-established software for SSL VPN, we use our own proprietary methods of providing security for you.
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Unlimited Connection
Unlike other VPN providers, we do not limit security. Use Secure Connect and stop worrying about restrictions, usage caps, or server switching fees.
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Supersonic Speeds
We utilize the most stable and best performing methods of keeping you secure, maintaining the best speed rate possible while keeping 100% of your data safe.
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Minimal Data Collected
We only ask you for essential information when getting you started with Secure Connect.
Why we don’t keep your information
No Logging 
Secure Connect does not retain any information that passes through our servers about your devices or your internet activity.
See our how we keep your privacy
Dedicated Servers
Secure connect has control over all of our SSL VPN servers so we can deliver safe, fast connections.
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Multiple Devices
Secure Connect keeps you safe on any device you use, including iOS, Android, Windows, and Mac.
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Reliable Support
If our FAQs don’t answer your questions, send us an email and we will be glad to help you with any problems you have.
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User Supported
We take our User’s opinions very seriously. See what people are saying about Secure Connect.
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